Andrew Wofford, Given up, 20

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This was my film for VCP Guerilla Video. I was the director and main creative producer. The entire piece was shot in about two hours. I shot over half of the footage myself with a Canon 5D, Mark II and some was shot by my friend Roger Singley with a Canon 7D. It was then edited in Final Cut Pro, again by myself, over the course of three days. Because of cold weather and eventually snow, the shoot was restricted to tripods and some handhold shooting during the one-on-one section. We had Gib Arms, Sliders and handheld steady rigs (Captain Stubling) which remained mostly unused. Shame...
The actual production of this short was trying. I have a good friend who'd label the attempts to make this film as a "character building experience".
Starring Blake Milburn and Matt Wofford
Directed / Edited by Andrew Wofford
Assistant Director: Roger Singley
Music: "Audio Secrecy" by Stone Sour
"Given Up" by Linkin Park