Professional Photography

The Professional Photography program prepares students
for initial employment, career advancement, and transfer to four-year colleges.

Job titles include, but are not limited to commercial photographer, portrait photographer, wedding photographer, photojournalist, industrial photographer, videographer, digital imager, and photography lab manager.  Employment responsibilities in these areas include:  photographing in a studio and/or location, digital processing and imaging, marketing, exhibiting, and video production.

FEATURED COURSE: Wedding Photography Portfolio Production

This course introduces the wedding photography business and engages students in the production of creating beautiful photographs and marketing materials for a professional portfolio. Topics include available light portraiture, location lighting using studio lights, on-camera flash and remote flash and techniques for posing couples and large groups. 2 credits Pre-requisite: VCP 101 or consent of instructor.

Wedding Photography: You learn how to use the external flash equipment! You learn about posing groups of people, shooting on location, how to make figure out pricing packaging and more! Super handy if you’re trying to break out on your own. This is good info for any type of freelance photographer. –Meredith Keating, VCP Alumni


FEATURED COURSE: Photojournalism I

studies the approaches and techniques of photographic reportage. Topics include news, features, issue reporting, journalistic portraits, sports, photo essay, documentary photography, and ethics and law. Emphasis is placed on visual interpretation and communication, composition, and photo editing. Students complete weekly shooting and lab assignments, participate in class discussions and critiques, create a picture story layout, plan and photograph a group project, and produce a strong photojournalism portfolio. 4 credits Pre-requisite: VCP101. Instructor: Charles Weiss

A word about Photojournalism: You get some honest feedback on your candid photography. It’s more than just capturing moments in time, it’s about the raw power of photography. Don’t you want to learn how to take an awesome photograph without having to Photoshop it? Take this class if you want to find out how to keep on your toes and be ready at any moment to get the shot. –Meredith Keating, VCP Alumni