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J. McMillan, 2015

J. McMillan, 2015

Select your school below and complete the Tech Prep sign-up form:

Complete the linked Google form for each student. Please select a different class for each session. For example, if the student chooses 3D for the 9:30am class, select Graphic Design for the 10:50am class.

Class sizes are limited, so please sign your students up early!


Introduction: 9:15am

Session I: 9:30am – 10:45am

Session II: 10:50am – 12:00pm

Location: Cecil College, Arts & Sciences building, Room 114

Contact with any questions.

Course Descriptions

Location Photography

Tour the campus with a Canon T2i DSLR, learn natural lighting concepts, be a model, and make a ton of photographs!


Graphic Design

Sharpen your art and design skills in Photoshop CC and Adobe Illustrator on our new iMac computers.

by Heidi Blomquist

by Heidi Blomquist


Learn the meaning and techniques of making paper cranes, boxes and lucky stars.


Studio Photography

Learn the basics of studio lighting, participate as a model, and photograph your friends! This option sometimes includes painting with light as well.


3D Modeling

Learn from a skilled master of 3D modeling and animation: Mr. Jon Cone. Make use of Sculptress, a virtual sculpting program.



Acrylic Painting

Explore color, light, and composition while learning acrylic painting techniques.



Explore contour and gesture to develop your drawing skills.


Clay Sculpting

Get your hands dirty and explore the figure in clay! From sketch to reality, design and build a figurative form.

Clay Sculpting Cecil College april-2015

Student Work Archives

Octorara High School Demo

Tech Prep with CCPS Middle Schools 2016

Tech Prep with CCPS 2015

Student Portfolios

Ben Graff – Capstone Portfolio

Ben Graff – Capstone Portfolio

  My name is Ben Graff and I am majoring in Visual Communications: Simulation Gaming and Design. My current portfolio…
Daniel Freeman – Capstone Portfolio

Daniel Freeman – Capstone Portfolio

My name is Daniel Freeman, I will graduate from Cecil College in May 2016. Photography has been more than just taking photos…
Sasha Perry- Portfolio

Sasha Perry- Portfolio

I'm in my second semester of Professional Photography here at Cecil. My area of interest is portrait photography; below is…
Dana Turner-Capstone Portfolio

Dana Turner-Capstone Portfolio

    My name is Dana Turner and I am a Visual Communications Graphic Design major. When I enrolled at…
Taylor Goad Internship Portfolio

Taylor Goad Internship Portfolio

Hi my name is Taylor Goad, I am a graphic design and multimedia major. The pieces I’ve selected to exhibit…
Kierra Willis – Capstone Portfolio

Kierra Willis – Capstone Portfolio

[youtube] Kierra Willis is a Graphic Designer located near the Tri-State area. A retired Army brat, she learned at…
Remy Baugher – Capstone Portfolio

Remy Baugher – Capstone Portfolio

Remy Baugher is a maximalist existing between extremes, drawn to overloaded senses and semiotic discord. Adrift in the continuum hidden…
Caroline Hicks-Capstone Portfolio

Caroline Hicks-Capstone Portfolio

My name is Caroline Hicks and I am a Visual Communications and Professional Photography major. My objective as a visual…
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