Daniel Freeman – Capstone Portfolio

Daniel Freeman – Capstone Portfolio

  • Posted on: April 25, 2016
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My name is Daniel Freeman, I will graduate from Cecil College in May 2016. Photography has been more than just taking photos of something interesting, To me it is about capturing what I see around me and those special moments in life. My goal as a photographer is to document people in their environments but also capture who they are on the inside. My work has ranged from people to horses but I enjoy taking photos of both. 



Daniel-Freeman-Portfolio-1 Daniel-Freeman-Portfolio-2 Daniel-Freeman-Portfolio-3 Daniel-Freeman-Portfolio-4 Daniel-Freeman-Portfolio-5


Daniel-Freeman-Portfolio-7 Daniel-Freeman-Portfolio-8 Daniel-Freeman-Portfolio-9 Daniel-Freeman-Portfolio-10 Daniel-Freeman-Portfolio-11 Daniel-Freeman-Portfolio-12 Daniel-Freeman-Portfolio-13 Daniel-Freeman-Portfolio-14 Daniel-Freeman-Portfolio-15 Daniel-Freeman-Portfolio-16 Daniel-Freeman-Portfolio-17 Daniel-Freeman-Portfolio-18Daniel-Freeman-Portfolio-19 Daniel-Freeman-Portfolio-19

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