Mark Downey – Internship Portfolio

Mark Downey – Internship Portfolio

  • Posted on: December 10, 2015
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Hello, my name is Mark Downey and i am a Graphical Design and Multi Media major at Cecil College. With such a wide and diverse field of study i’ve hoped to produce a myriad of different themes in my artwork from general stock-standard business graphics

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to fantastical imagery. My internship for the Fall of 2015 was to work in association with the local games store Gamer Doc and its owner who would act as something of a psuedo-art client while allowing me to get acclimated to being a more public face. The lions share of the images in my Portfolio are from this internship program, with a light dusting from prior classes to help extenuate the broadness of my artistic scope.

Harrowing Night 2








MegaManAn Exodus of TreesChristmas Flowers 2

Saving Ferris

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