Marissa Phillips – Internship Portfolio

Marissa Phillips – Internship Portfolio

  • Posted on: December 16, 2015
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My name is Marissa Phillips and I am currently in the Professional Photography program here at Cecil. Being that Photography is what I wanted to pursue in life, I couldn’t help but want to go to a school where I would learn so much in the photography field. Photography to me, has always been more than just snapping a pretty picture. It is the simplicity and the beauty in everything that surrounds me, in nature, people, wildlife, all of the little things are what make me want to strive to capture every single moment.

During the semester, I chose the internship route instead of the portfolio production. During this time, I interned with Sarah Koermer, owner of High Contrast Photography, and tagged along on weddings and engagement shoots and photographed as an apprentice so I could get more hands-on experience. I also, was able to stay back in the office and learn the back office workings of a wedding photographer. The back office workings include a variety of tasks such as, editing photographs, communicating with clients, business meetings with clients, paper work and finances.

I am currently expecting to graduate this May of 2015 with my Professional Photography degree. After I graduate I plan to get my Bachelors in Photography, and in 5 years, I see myself still working as an assistant for Sarah Koermer and High Contrast Photography. Although I also hope to have opened my own photography business within the next 5 years and hope it will be running steadily.


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