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“Life through my Eyes”

Hello, my name is Becca Proctor, and upon graduating Cecil College In May 2014 with an Associate’s Degree in General Studies, I continued my education with the VCP department. In December 2015 I will once again be graduating with an Associate’s Degree in Professional Photography and Video Production.

I am a firm believer in the old cliché that, “A picture is worth a thousand Words”.  Not only are pictures reminiscent of the past, but their priceless stopping of time is also a reflection for the future. As my love for photography began, I was quickly drawn to the work of photographer, musician, and animal rights activists, Linda McCartney. Her images conveyed love, truth, and freedom as she captured life naturally and unrehearsed.

Another amazing inspiration is artist Thomas Kinkade. He was able to paint the most beautiful and captivating canvases of humbled life. My life connects profoundly with his work because of my humbled upbringing and love for simplicity.

This past Fall 2015 semester validated my direction in photography to “Simplicity in Wildlife, Nature, and Life”, because of my humbled upbringing, and the overall enjoyment the images convey. Feelings of peace and serenity enables me to capture life honestly, naturally, and unrehearsed. The falling of a leaf, little animals frolicking about so innocently and the beautiful colors of nature taught me respect and appreciation so I can fully embrace the genuineness in every image. Simplicity is one of the most important elements in my life because of the freedom and authenticity of all life.

Photography has opened my eyes into a beautiful world that I had previously taken for granted. Looking through the lens of a camera changed my thought process and broadened my horizons visually, mentally and conceptually. As I move forward with confidence and enthusiasm in Photography, I will through God’s eyes, continue capturing the beauty of life naturally to leave behind a perpetual positive legacy.

Professional Photography, Video Production and Digital Imaging continues to make a positive impact in my learning experience at Cecil College with the help of three instructors and the VCP Lab Manager. Thank you, Laurie Lopez (Digital Imaging III), Brandon Boas (Video Production II & III), Adam Jacono (Fictional Photography, Professional Portfolio & Capstone), and Barry Gorrell (VCP Lab Manager). Kudos to you all!


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