Keith Willis – Capstone Portfolio

Keith Willis – Capstone Portfolio

  • Posted on: May 12, 2015
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Hi, my name is Keith Willis but I also go by the stage name of Darnell Little. I’m a sophomore at Cecil College, a music producer, a writer, and an upcoming video game designer. I enrolled into Cecil in 2012 and I’m graduating in May of 2015. I chose Cecil College because I believed it was the best fit for me. I decided to major in Video Game Design because I’m an avid gamer and I always wanted to become a person who helped develop a video game.

For my capstone project, I created work about issues concerning Net Neutrality and the laws and bills aimed at restricting the freedom of the internet. One of the images I created shows a stop sign being placed over the monopoly man, which means getting rid of monopolies that could be put in place if Net Neutrality gets taken away.

Net Neturality (12)


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After graduation, I plan on continuing my music career and continuing to create my portfolio for video game design and if my music career doesn’t pan out, I have something to fall back on. In 5 years, I would like to continue to gain success from my music career, and to expand the Indie Music Scene, become an entrepreneur and to give back to my hometown of Camden, NJ. I would like to give thanks to all my supporters, give thanks to the VCP department, my siblings and every professor that I had while attending Cecil College.

Capstone VIDEO:

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