Heather Mackey Internship.

Heather Mackey Internship.

  • Posted on: May 4, 2015
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This semester, I had an internship with Grunge Muffin Designs, a multimedia studio that specializes in Branding, Graphic Design, Photography, Social Media, Video Production and Web Design. I was able to work closely with the owners, my two good friends Meredith Keating and Brandon Boas. The main focus of my internship was to establish my brand identity as an independent artist. I use the name Hellien Art on all of my works, and all of my social media pages have a consistent look and feel. As an artist in a creative industry, my brand can be eccentric and unusual but can still work in a way that plays to my audience. My brand is cohesive and adaptable to all of my marketing materials, such as my online store, business cards and flyers. This semester I began to take on more commission work, which became the true focus of much of my internship. Through my Tumblr page clients would seek me out and pay me to create custom illustrations. During this

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past semester I attended four conventions where I sold my artwork, networked with other artists and found new clients. When I first started selling my work at conventions, in early 2014, I wasn’t very social or confident, recently that began to change as people were very outspoken about their appreciation for my style. This past winter I received my first paid commission to make character designs for a table-top game called Dark World. That experience with this client inspired me to want to take an internship with Meredith and Brandon. I learned a great deal this semester but I still have a lot to learn as I continue to grow and flourish as an artist.

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