Felicia Cornwell – Internship Portfolio

Felicia Cornwell – Internship Portfolio

  • Posted on: May 4, 2015
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Growing up in my neighborhood, it’s a rarity to enjoy school and want to succeed academically; but that’s who I was growing up, the smart, little girl with perfect attendance every year. When the time came for me to decide on a college to attend, I found myself with several options to choose from. I felt Cecil would be the best option for me because it’s close to home and their Visual Communications Program was everything I needed to fulfill my degree. I’ve learned so much from the teachers here in the VCP department; and thanks to Cecil I am the first college graduate in my family.

This last semester at Cecil, I had the opportunity to complete an internship with an employer of my choice. I chose to apply for an internship with Laurie Lopez in the Cecil College Marketing Department. I felt she would be the perfect choice for me because her job here at Cecil is exactly what I want in a career and she could help me apply my skills to the real world. During my internship with Laurie, I created a number of flyers, postcards and advertisements for programs and events at Cecil College. Some of my favorites include
-Program Cards for Cecil’s various areas of study
-The poster for Cecil College Music and Theater Presents “Dazed and Confused: A Tribute to Led Zeppelin”
-The flyer for the Botanical Garden Studies course offered by Cecil
-A flyer for a Celebration of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month
-A post card for the Falling Leaves: Music, Art, Wellness Festival at Cecil College

I am so grateful I was able to have this experience and happy to say that my internship here at Cecil has taught me much more than I ever expected to learn, and I am definitely prepared me seek out my dream Graphic Design job.


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