Drew Biasucci – Capstone Portfolio

Drew Biasucci – Capstone Portfolio

  • Posted on: December 9, 2014
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“The importance and informative responsibility of maintaining a clean, well resourceful bay can be seen in the images I created. One of my images shows a blue crab holding a graphic of the state of Maryland. This project was created in order to draw attention to the Chesapeake Bay. The other artworks bring forward a visual standpoint on the issues and also presents some solutions towards saving the bay. These works were created to show how society not only affects us but also how the inhabitants in the surrounding bodies of water depend on us.”


Drew-Biasucci-crabInfoPanflet Drew-Biasucci-fontType Drew-Biasucci-saveTheBayClock3 Drew-Biasucci-saveTheBayCrabText Drew-Biasucci-saveTheBayDrainSignRedPlain Drew-Biasucci-saveTheBayGlobe



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