Rebekah Ragan -Capstone Portfolio

Rebekah Ragan -Capstone Portfolio


Hi, Welcome to my page. Please feel free to click the link  below and  watch the animation below to view my entire portfolio.
capstone portfolio.

I am a dual major at Cecil  in Web Development and Web Design/Multimedia and I am passionate about what I do as a webmaster. I try my best to over come every obstacle I face and use it as inspiration for my design. If I had to describe myself as a “brand” I would use the following statement: ” The web is a unique construction of beautiful pieces of art created by many. I hope to add a strand.”

In the beginning of the semester we were asked to choose  a subject, the one I chose was uniqueness. Uniqueness is not studied very often, which is part of the reason I chose to study it.  The other reason being that I  consider it an intriguing  subject because it is both broad and simple at the same time. The objective of  this portfolio was not to be expected, to show how I am as a designer and give a unique perspective to design. I believe the best way to showcase who you are is to just be open to any inspiration and use your daily life as a catalyst for design. In my opinion the best design comes through connection, belief, challenge, and choices. Though an important lesson we can all learn to make connections to our subjects, believe in ourselves and others, and also make the right calls and choices in terms of design and also in terms of our individual

Comparing the work within this portfolio to some previous work, I am proud to be the webmaster I am today and would say that I have grown as an individual throughout this process. When asked to describe what my work is currently about I would say the following:“ My work is like me, I am subtle, yet elegant, I have flaws but I am unique. Each project to me takes on its own persona if you will and therefore must be examined through the lens that what works for one project doesn’t for another. Overall, it is about quality over quantity. I have really learned that with this project and portfolio.

I hope you enjoy looking at the portfolio as much as I enjoyed making it.

Rebekah Ragan

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