Kyle Wofford –  Internship portfolio

Kyle Wofford – Internship portfolio

Kyle Wofford

Artist Statement

Over the past four years, Kyle Wofford has established himself as a studio photographer with a love of portraitures and constructed imagery. The studio gives him complete control over lighting and environments. Kyle mainly focuses on the technical aspect of his studio work, such as perfecting the lighting and composition in-camera before going into post-processing.

Being able to bring a sense of storytelling into his work is also important. For oneĀ  project, he drew from life experiences with his family and created a series of self portraits portraying a humorous relationship with his brothers.This attention to detail and his fictional over-the-top style, allows forĀ  the viewer to stop, think, and have a genuine reaction to the work.

He is currently working on adding elements like water and paint into his work, and continues to further his technical skills to create unique photographs that have lasting impact on the viewer.

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