Andrew Vox – Capstone Portfolio

Andrew Vox – Capstone Portfolio

 Short Film – Perception

My semester project is a short film that brings the discussion of digital retouching in our society and society’s preference.

We are living in a culture where the view of beauty is skewed and faked. “Beauty” in a majority of visual media is faked with digital retouching to make imperfect beings “flawless”. Society, as of late, shouts that this practice is harmful to people’s perception of beauty, saying that it is unattainable and unhealthy. That could very well be the case but it leads into another discussion, “What do we as a society prefer?” Do people want to see other’s imperfections? Do people want to see their own mortality and faults within someone else? Do we want to be lied to? Is it easier? Albeit controversial to say, I believe that we as a society have evolved into preferring these retouched faked versions of people whether we admit to it or not.

My film discusses the idea of perception of beauty and what one prefers deep down. What would we, as a society, ideally want, perfection or imperfection? The film is going to be a short film, which is within 20 to 30 minutes in length. I am also going to make a before and after retouching photo of both a male and a female to show the differences. I will make a side by side comparison in prints and a gif. First I will show the tweaked one and then I will show the unaltered one.

This will be part of my capstone presentation before showing the short film.

•Here is the first draft of the screenplay

Perception Screenplay 2014

•Here is the first draft of the shot list (I apologize for the lack of drawing skills. I am hoping to find someone to help me create a better version of it).

Perception Shot List

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